About Us

Universal Ribbon Corp. located in Miami, Florida, USA, was established in 1988 and manufactures high quality laser toner cartridges, inkjets, ribbons for all types of printers like dot matrix printers, ATM, cash registers, calculators, typewriters, thermal transfer films. We provide full support for all of your printing needs. Universal Ribbon provides high quality low priced alternatives to OEM cartridges.

During this time our trademark Unitype has grown to become internationally recognized for being a reliable product, that is manufactured with the best raw material in the market and at a very competitive price. In addition to providing a top quality product, we provide personalized customer service that has made our company the favorite place for the purchase of imaging products from our customers. Providing customized solutions to meet the the printing needs of businesses, educational institutions and government offices, Universal Ribbon is your source for all that is printing supplies.

Due to Universal Ribbon’s location; in Miami (Capital of the Americas), we have become the first and best choice for our customers in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. Dozens of commercial flights and vessels depart from Miami every day en-route to Latin American ports. Miami, with its vast amount of Freight Forwarders, eases the handling and documentation of export shipments that could arise from a simple carton to container load. All this makes Miami a strategic place for our overseas customers and Universal Ribbon the perfect place for your printing needs.


Providing high quality products at an affordable price is our main goal. To do this our line of products meet the highest of demands, boast brand printer ribbon, and all our products are ISO9001 certified. All of our products are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications for print life. Manufacturing top quality products under our brand Unitype, we warrant all our cartridges to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If any our cartridge is found to be defective, we will, at our option, repair or replace the unit or refund the full purchase amount. We also warrant that, subject to conditions stated below and under normal use, our cartridges will not cause damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to any compatible printers, copiers, or fax machines.

Every customer has different needs and our sales and support staff is here to make sure that those needs are met. Every member of our sales staff is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to meet all the needs that a customer demands. Our customers demand superior level or service and product and we supply that.

Brand Recognition

Since its inception in 1992, Unitype has had a long standing unfaltering positive reputation with customers. Using the best materials and quality available, Unitype has grown to be a recognized and reputable brand in large segments of the global print products trade. Our customers demad the best and Unitype delivers just that with the ultimate blend of performance and cost.